A+ List: Rio Bravo (also Red River)

Director Howard Hawks proved his talent in many genres, including westerns. He made four of them, and the first two, Red River and Rio Bravo, are masterpieces. Both belong on my A+ List of all-time greats. And yet, they're so different that it's hard to imagine they were made by the same director. Red River … Continue reading A+ List: Rio Bravo (also Red River)

What’s Screening: April 13 – 19

I somehow missed the Sonoma Film Festival, but you can still catch the last few days; it ends Sunday. So does the Women's Film Festival, but that one opens tonight. The San Francisco International Film Festival opens Thursday. B Farewell, My Queen, Castro, Thursday, 7:00. What was it Versailles like in the final days of … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 13 – 19

What’s Screening: March 16 – 22

Both the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and the San Francisco Dance Film Festival continue through Sunday. The Bengali Film Fest opens today (Friday) and continues through Tuesday. B- Peaches Christ presents Pam Grier as Coffy, Jackie Brown, and herself, Castro, Saturday, 8:00. The B- grade goes to Coffy, as I haven’t seen … Continue reading What’s Screening: March 16 – 22