Movies for the Week of March 30, 2007

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Red Vic, Friday through Tuesday. A sad, harrowing, yet ultimately inspiring true story told with only moderate competence. Refugee All Stars focuses on six musicians, refugees from Sierra Leone’s horrifyingly brutal civil war, who came together in the Guinean refugee camps in which they’d lived for many years. In the … Continue reading Movies for the Week of March 30, 2007

Tiburon and San Francisco

The official press conference is more than three weeks away, but the drumbeat for the San Francisco International Film Festival keeps getting louder. (Excuse me, the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival, abbreviated SFIFF50--even though no one has thought to register We keep hearing about the various awards planned for the event. I’ve already … Continue reading Tiburon and San Francisco

Criteria for the Very Best Films of All Time

I hate people asking me for my all-time favorite film. I don’t even want to give them an all-time top ten. How do you choose between Ikiru and Singin’ in the Rain? They’re both masterpieces, but each succeeds in doing something entirely different from the other. It’s like comparing apples and orangutans. But I’ve been … Continue reading Criteria for the Very Best Films of All Time