drama Written and directed by S. Pierre Yameogo Children mysteriously die in an African village, and the elders suspect witchcraft. But the ancient traditions they use to find the witch appear to have more to do with local politics than detective work or even magic. And so Napoko, the wife of an elder and the … Continue reading Delwende

Burn After Reading

[B] Espionage comedy Written and directed by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen The Coen brothers are back to their old tricks, mining the dark comic prospects of a crime gone wrong. While Burn After Reading lacks the humanity of Fargo and the blazing, non-stop lunacy of Intolerable Cruelty, it still provides 95 very entertaining minutes. … Continue reading Burn After Reading


Political biopic Written by Stanley Weiser Directed by Oliver Stone The very fact of W.'s existence raises an interesting and important question: Why go to an Oliver Stone movie after all the times he's disappointed us? And W. provides an answer: There is no good reason. Judging from the final result, Stone didn't know whether … Continue reading W.