Newsletter Correction: Emotional Arithmetic

I just discovered that I left a very important screening out of this week's newsletter--one of the best movies not getting released this week. Since the screening hasn't happened yet (it's Thursday night), here it is: Emotional Arithmetic, Castro, Thursday, 8:30. In the best performance of an excellent career, Susan Sarandon plays an American-born Holocaust … Continue reading Newsletter Correction: Emotional Arithmetic

Wonderful Town

[F] Drama Written and Directed by Aditya Assarat Wonderful Town has nothing to do with the 1953 Broadway musical of the same name, although a few songs would liven it up. This Thai drama allegedly examines the long-term psychological aftereffects of a devastating natural disaster. According to the press release, the town of Takua Pa, … Continue reading Wonderful Town

The Last Mistress

Erotic period romance Written by Catherine Breillat; based on a novel by Jules-Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly Directed by Catherine Breillat Judging from what little of her work I've seen, Catherine Breillat is an erratically brilliant creator of individual scenes, but a mediocre one of whole movies (I admit that I haven't seen the very well-reviewed Fat … Continue reading The Last Mistress


Few movie theaters have curtains these days, and the ones that do don't know how to use them. Curtains give a theater a certain flare, as if someone was actually putting on a show. Once upon a time, every movie theater that wasn't a grindhouse or a drive-in once hid its screen behind one. Today's … Continue reading Curtains