What’s Screening: December 14 – 20

This week in Bay Area movie theaters: War and rebellion from Warner Brothers, dystopian future fiction, messed-up religion, German expressionism, Japanese masters, and horny youth. But no film festivals. Promising events Balboa Holiday Party, Balboa, Sunday, 5:00 I don't know much about this event, but it will involve vintage holiday-oriented cartoons, live music, and a … Continue reading What’s Screening: December 14 – 20

J’Accuse! finally comes to Blu-ray

I've yet to see a dramatic feature made before 1920 that's anywhere near as good as Abel Gance's J'Accuse! The three main characters are complex and believable, and performed by actors capable of bringing subtle and realistic emotions to the screen. The camerawork and editing don't just record the performances; they highlight the emotions and … Continue reading J’Accuse! finally comes to Blu-ray

What to Watch Between FilmStruck and the Criterion Channel

FilmStruck is dead. It's replacement, The Criterion Channel, won't go online until spring. And when you consider the problems of developing a complex website, that may mean October. So how will you stream classic films in the coming months? Here are some alternatives to keep you going until The Criterion Channel goes live. All of … Continue reading What to Watch Between FilmStruck and the Criterion Channel