San Francisco Jewish Film Festival opens July 19 (my birthday)

The Bay Area hosts a lot of what I call identity film festivals. These concentrate on a particular group of people - both on the screen and in the audience. We have film festivals for Asians, South Asians, Asian-Americans, LGBTQ, Iranians, Irish, women, and atheists. I can't properly cover them all. But I try to … Continue reading San Francisco Jewish Film Festival opens July 19 (my birthday)

What’s Screening: June 15 – 21

Bergman illustrates Mozart. Antonioni does adventure. Garbo plays the Queen. And Keaton wrecks the house. All that, plus a full week of LGBTQ films in Bay Area movie theaters. Festivals Frameline continues through this week and beyond Promising events McKellen: Playing the Part, Embarcadero Center, Shattuck, Aquarius, Tuesday, 7:00 The great Shakespearean actor (and movie star) … Continue reading What’s Screening: June 15 – 21

Critique of Macho: The Big Country on Blu-ray

William Wyler's big-budget, large-format, star-studded epic, The Big Country, just may be the first anti-western. It condemns, rather than celebrates, the macho behavior of the mythical cowboy. The hero only fires a gun once, and he's not aiming at anyone. Gregory Peck plays that hero, a sea captain named James McKay, who's traded in his … Continue reading Critique of Macho: The Big Country on Blu-ray

Black Powers coming to Modern Cinema

Black filmmakers illuminate the African-American experience in SFFILM and SFMOMA's latest Modern Cinema series, Black Powers: Reframing Hollywood. The series/festival runs from July 12–29. As with all Modern Cinema series, this one takes place at SFMOMA's Phyllis Wattis Theater. Neither organization is calling this a festival, but I think the title fits, because you can … Continue reading Black Powers coming to Modern Cinema