The Final Year captures Obama administration

A- Political documentary Directed by Greg Barker What's it like to work for the commander of the deadliest military in the world, even if your job is keeping the peace? Greg Barker's documentary, The Final Year, follows Barak Obama's foreign policy team over the year 2016. The film introduces you to two important but relatively … Continue reading The Final Year captures Obama administration

Movies I’ve Recently Seen: The 3 + 4 = 7 Musketeers

It seems sacrilegious to write about swashbucklers on Martin Luther King's birthday. I suppose I should put up a column about non-violent resistance or the African-American experience. On the other hand, Alexandre Dumas - the author of the original novel - is almost certainly the most commercially-successful European novelist of African descent. That should count … Continue reading Movies I’ve Recently Seen: The 3 + 4 = 7 Musketeers

What’s Screening: January 12 – 18

Hitchcock thrills, Bogart on wheels, slapstick pratfalls, reefer madness, and some very classy French people light up Bay Area screens this week. But no film festivals. New films opening A- Intent to Destroy, Roxie, opens Friday The Armenian genocide of 1915-16 is to Turkey what climate change is to America; a clearly documented truth that … Continue reading What’s Screening: January 12 – 18