What’s Screening: April 25 – May 1

The San Francisco International Film Festival dominates this week (and next) for Bay Area cinephiles. I placed my SFIFF capsules at the bottom of this newsletter. But even if you eschew the Festival, there's plenty to see: A- Teenage, Opera Plaza, Shattuck, opens Friday. Using a combination of archival footage and dramatic recreations, Matt Wolf’s … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 25 – May 1

What’s Screening: April 18 – 24

The Tiburon Intl. Film Festival closes today (although, according to their schedule, their last screening was yesterday). The big one (or at least one of the two big ones), the San Francisco International Film Festival, opens Thursday. B+ The Lost Boys, New Parkway, Thursday, 9:15. This clever and funny--and even occasionally scary--teenage vampire movie was … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 18 – 24