I write about cinema, technology, and cinema technology. And occasionally other topics, as well.

From 1986 through 2008, I wrote a technology-oriented humor column called Gigglebytes. I’ve collected several of the best columns into a blog. From 1997 through 2016, I wrote PC World’s Answer Line column-turned-blog, making me that magazine’s Dear Abby. My articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Consumer Digest, Small Business Computing, Home Office Computing, Oakland City Magazine, Computer Currents, Business 2.0, and InfoWorld.

Lincoln Spector is my real name, appearing on my birth certificate and driver’s license.

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  1. Hi there!
    I am currently interning for a filmmaker named Dr. Hassan Zee, and I came across your blog. He recently wrote, produced, and directed a new independent film called Bicycle Bride. It was shot all in San Francisco. I feel as if your readers would be interested in it and was wondering if you would possibly add a trailer, and some information about the movie.

    a trailer can be viewed here:

    and the film’s website can be viewed here:

    The film won best director at the Vacaville Film Festival this past year,along with best film at the SOAPIFF Film Festival. I would realy appreciate it if you would look over the website and watch the trailer! Below is a quick synopsis also-

    “Bicycle Bride is a witty film about a rebellious young woman Beena, whose family still clings to their old school beliefs about behavior and marriage for women. She pursues her dreams of freedom – but her Indian mother has other plans, including arranging a marriage for Beena.
    Beena confides in her best friend Mary Jane, a Caucasian girl who supports her in every way. When Beena meets James Dean from Sweden and is taken by his European charm, Mary Jane is all for it; she knows James is the boy of Beena’s dreams.
    But Beena’s mother has imported Bubba, straight from India, for her daughter. Bubba thinks money grow on trees in America, and he must find those trees and marry Beena.Will Beena give in to what her cultural heritage says is right? Or will she follow her heart and possibly lose her family?”

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Chantel Beam

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