The Best Films You Couldn’t See in 2008

I saw a lot of great movies this year. Unfortunately, quite a few of them never got released in this country. They screened at local festivals, but didn't get picked up for commercial exhibition--even by the small, independent distributors who pick up the good stuff that the Hollywood studios and their faux independent subsidiaries, don't … Continue reading The Best Films You Couldn’t See in 2008

Shattuck Theater Getting Remodeled

Landmark Theater's is remodeling the Shattuck, adding "Landmark’s exclusive Screening Lounge™ auditoriums and other upscale amenities." I suspect that's a trademarked name for what other theater chains have been doing for years. I found a description of another "Screening Lounge" theater on Landmark's site; it should give you an idea of what it means. Basically, … Continue reading Shattuck Theater Getting Remodeled