I’m Not There

Musical biopic/mockumentary/weird undefinable something Written by Todd Haynes and Oren Moverman Directed by Todd Haynes Artists should experiment, try new things, push the boundaries of their art. There can be no masterpieces without experimentation. But since experimentation involves trying something that may or may not work, failure is a real possibility. (I'm talking about artistic … Continue reading I’m Not There

Silent Recommendations and Warnings

In three years of Bayflicks, I have yet to see a week so totally dominated by silents. The silent movie events listed below outnumber the talkies three to one. San Francisco Silent Film Festival--Winter Edition, Castro, Saturday, all day. What a great way to spend a Saturday! The festival begins at 11:00 with a series … Continue reading Silent Recommendations and Warnings

Recommendations and Warnings: Chaplin, Rats, and Balloons

The Red Balloon and White Mane, Rafael, Lumiere, and Shattuck, opens Friday for one week. Janus Films put two Albert Lamorisse short children's films together into one feature-length package. Lamorisse's masterpiece "The Red Balloon" introduced me to a cinema beyond Hollywood when I was too young to read subtitles. They're not necessary; Lamorisse uses visuals, … Continue reading Recommendations and Warnings: Chaplin, Rats, and Balloons

The Red Balloon & White Mane

B A pair of family-friendly short subjects Written and directed by Albert Lamorisse It's not easy marketing and distributing shorts in an industry geared to features. That's probably why Janus Films put two short children's films by Albert Lamorisse together into one package. Combined, "The Red Balloon" and "White Mane" run 73 minutes--just about the … Continue reading The Red Balloon & White Mane