Previews of Coming Attactions

Remember Hal Ashby? If you don’t, he was a top director in the –˜70s–one of those people who was Hollywood then but would be indiewood now if he were still alive. The Castro screens six of his movies over three nights in late November. Most are films I haven’t seen in decades but loved when they were new (Harold and Maude, Coming Home, Shampoo, and so on). But it also contains one that I hated off the bat, even though everyone else loved it–Being There. For the full line-up, click here and scroll down to November 27 while you wonder why the Castro’s webmaster doesn’t use more bookmarks.

As December starts, the Elmwood will host a series of weekend kiddy matinees at real kiddy matinee prices. Some good choices in there, especially in the first two weekends. They’re running An American Tale the weekend of December 1 and 2, and the 2003 live action version of Peter Pan on December 8 and 9. If you didn’t catch Peter Pan during its all-to-brief and commercially unsuccessful initial run, by all means do so. No other version of the story–not Disney, not Mary Martin, not even the silent one–come near as close to catching the original book and play’s subversive magic.

Finally, on December 15, the Film on Film Foundation presents The World’s Greatest Sinner at the Roxie. I haven’t heard of it either–these guys find some really obscure stuff and show it (at least in this case) in glorious 35mm. According to the press release, this 1962 cheapie concerns an insurance salesman (writer/director Timothy Carey) who becomes an “an atheistic rock ‘n’ roll evangelist,– thanks to a little help from Satan. Shows at 7:00 and 9:15.