B+ Documentary Directed by Ana Sofia Joanes I hate reviewing didactic, political documentaries, even when I like them. I’m never sure if I’m judging them as works of art and entertainment, considering how well they make their argument, or simply reacting to whether I agree with the filmmakers’ very obvious point of view. And, of … Continue reading Fresh

Speaking in Tongues on KQED

I know this blog is supposed to be about theatrical presentations of movies, but I’m about to recommend something on TV. But hey, at least it’s PBS. The wonderful documentary Speaking In Tongues will play on KQED (channel 9) on Sunday, September 26, at 6:00. It will play five other times over the next few … Continue reading Speaking in Tongues on KQED

What’s Screening: September 24 – 30

The Irish Film Festival, Latino Film Festival and Isle of Wight 40th Anniversary Film Festival (which is not about people the Isle of Wright ethnicity) are all currently running and will all close this weekend. Both the Berkeley Video and Film Festival and the International Children's Film Festival open their three-day runs today. Red Vic … Continue reading What’s Screening: September 24 – 30

What’s Screening: September 17 – 23

I just found out about the Latino Film Festival, playing at various locations, while preparing this newsletter. It’s already running, and will continue to do so through this week and beyond. The Iranian Film Festival plays Saturday and Sunday at the San Francisco Art Institute. The The Isle of Wight 40th Anniversary Film Festival opens … Continue reading What’s Screening: September 17 – 23

Cerrito Theater Vandalized

I just received word that the Cerrito Theater’s box office was vandalized last night. A window was broken, as was a piece of historic glass that had been rescued during the restoration. If you have any information, please contact the El Cerrito Police Department.