What’s Screening: February 27 – March 5

Cinequest continues throughout the week. And the San Francisco Irish Film Festival opens Thursday for a two-day run at the Roxie. [B] The Birth of a Nation, California Theater, San Jose, Friday, 7:00. A film that's easy to love, easy to hate, and easy to love to hate. The historical influence of this 1915 Civil … Continue reading What’s Screening: February 27 – March 5

The New PFA Schedule and the New New Deal

I got the new Pacific Film Archive schedule. As usual, there's a lot of interesting stuff. There's Women’s Cinema from Tangiers to Tehran, a film-lecture course uses film to understand Buddhism, a screening of Reefer Madness with a "totally dope soundtrack by Cal student DJs," and a retrospective of Agnès Varda, the one woman director … Continue reading The New PFA Schedule and the New New Deal

Oscar Report 3

Technical problems kept me from live blogging throughout the Academy Awards, so let me hit the high and low spots: Just my luck! When Best Picture finally goes to the low-budget, heavily subtitled movie that normally wouldn't stand a chance, it's a picture I don't even like. Yes, Milk was more conventional, but it was … Continue reading Oscar Report 3

Oscar Report 2

I apologize for any errors. I'm not checking spelling or even if I'm getting the names right. The usual, extremely brief mention of the previous technical awards dinner. Historical error: The actress announcing it (I don't remember her name) said that Thomas Edison invented the Kinemagraph <sp>. He didn't. An employee of his, William Dickson, … Continue reading Oscar Report 2