Oscar Report 3

Technical problems kept me from live blogging throughout the Academy Awards, so let me hit the high and low spots: Just my luck! When Best Picture finally goes to the low-budget, heavily subtitled movie that normally wouldn't stand a chance, it's a picture I don't even like. Yes, Milk was more conventional, but it was … Continue reading Oscar Report 3

Oscar Report 2

I apologize for any errors. I'm not checking spelling or even if I'm getting the names right. The usual, extremely brief mention of the previous technical awards dinner. Historical error: The actress announcing it (I don't remember her name) said that Thomas Edison invented the Kinemagraph <sp>. He didn't. An employee of his, William Dickson, … Continue reading Oscar Report 2

Oscar Report 1

I've paused the DVR about an hour into the Oscar presentation. A few quick observances: Why do I watch the pre-show, which is about beautiful movie stars in designer gowns? I want one of the interviewers to ask a star "Who are you wearing?" and have her respond "I picked this up at Woolworth." I … Continue reading Oscar Report 1