From 35mm to DCP: My Thoughts on a Critical Symposium

The current issue of Cineaste Magazine contains a symposium article on the digital transition. Fueled by a conviction that this transition brings with it important and wide-ranging repercussions with regard to film culture, and that it’s critical to investigate and debate these consequences, we have organized this Critical Symposium, inviting a range of people—repertory cinema … Continue reading From 35mm to DCP: My Thoughts on a Critical Symposium

What’s Screening: November 16 – 22

The fall festivals are winding down. The Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival closes on Sunday, and Doc Fest finishes on Wednesday. A Hava Nagila (The Movie), Camera 12, Sunday, 5:30. Hava Nagila, a documentary about the famous tune, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even the titles that introduce interview subjects make casual jokes. This fun … Continue reading What’s Screening: November 16 – 22

What’s Screening: November 2 – 8

Doc Fest opens Thursday. And the Italian Film Festival continues on Saturday nights. A- The Other Son, Opera Plaza, Shattuck, Aquarius, Rafael, opens Friday. Two families–one Israeli, the other Palestinian–discover that their 18-year-old sons were switched at birth. This could have been played for laughs (in fact it has been, in The Infidel), but director/co-writer … Continue reading What’s Screening: November 2 – 8