This Week’s Movies–Jewish and Goyish

I'm separating the Jewish Film Festival listings from everything else on this week's list. So first: Jewish Film Festival: My Mexican Shivah, Castro, Monday, 6:45. Death brings families together"“even families that should probably remain apart. In Alejandro Springall's mildly comic drama (Do we call these things a dramedy or a coma?), the death of the … Continue reading This Week’s Movies–Jewish and Goyish

This Week’s Movies

Ten Canoes, Lumiere, Shattuck, and Rafael, opening Friday. Don’t expect a conventional narrative made exotic by a pre-contact, aboriginal Australian setting. Ten Canoes feels more like a piece of native oral tradition recorded on film. While a heavily-accented, English-speaking off-screen narrator explains the people, actions, and motivations, we watch ten men build canoes and use … Continue reading This Week’s Movies