Best of Youth

Just a quick, off-schedule announcement. I went to the Balboa yesterday and finally saw The Best of Youth. It is, quite simply, fantastic--the best two-part, six-hour movie since Godfather I and II. Originally made for Italian television, it follows the fortunes of one family, a close circle of their friends, and the Italian people as … Continue reading Best of Youth

San Francisco International Film Festival

The good news: The San Francisco International Film Festival starts in two weeks. The bad news: So does Passover, resulting in some serious scheduling conflicts between must-see movies and my other religion. It's a good thing my family now follows Sephardic rules for observing this eight-day festival--that means I can eat popcorn. The festival runs … Continue reading San Francisco International Film Festival


Let’s talk about TiVo and other personal digital recorders. They’re wonderful gadgets, but like all wonderful gadgets, they come with undesirable side effects. (I know this site is about films in theaters, but if you love movies enough to come here—or subscribe—you probably think about how you watch them at home, as well.) Here’s the … Continue reading TiVo