What’s Screening: Jan 20 – 26

Bach, Keaton, Erdmann, and a lot of film noir play on Bay Area screens in the first week of the Trump regime. Festivals SF Sketchfest continues through the week and beyond, although there are no movie events after Thursday. Noir City opens tonight, and continues into next week. I'm giving this festival its own section … Continue reading What’s Screening: Jan 20 – 26

What’s Screening: Jan 6 – 12

Almodovar, Von Sternberg, Kazan, and a talking pig grace Bay Area screens this week. Also, the first film festivals of 2017. Festivals For Your Consideration opens Friday and runs through Thursday SF Sketchfest opens Thursday New films opening A Julieta, Clay, opens Friday; Rafael, Saturday, 7:30 Middle-aged Julieta (Emma Suárez) runs into an old friend … Continue reading What’s Screening: Jan 6 – 12

What’s Screening: Dec 30 – Jan 5

We launch the new year with Jack Nicholson, a pajama party, the Mercury astronauts, and stunningly beautiful images. Promising events Pajama Movie Night, Alameda, Saturday Close a truly horrific year with a multiplex movie party. For the regular price of a single movie, you get to watch anything and everything at the Alameda. Also included: … Continue reading What’s Screening: Dec 30 – Jan 5

What’s Screening: Dec 23 – 29

Terry Gilliam, Billy Wilder, Powell & Pressburger, and Satyajit Ray direct classic films screened this week in the Bay Area. But still no film festivals. New films opening B+ Hidden Figures, AMC Metreon, opens Sunday Here's a feel-good movie that actually has something to feel good about. If you remember anything about the early American … Continue reading What’s Screening: Dec 23 – 29