Around the Bay

 A Family drama Written and directed by Alejandro Adams Sparse and utilitarian, Alejandro Adams' low-key drama gets right to the point, then tells its dysfunctional family story without pyrotechnics. Single dad Wyatt (Steve Voldseth) is so remote and disconnected from his five-year-old son (Connor Maselli) t hat he leaves the child home alone--and that's in … Continue reading Around the Bay

Early Warnings: San Francisco International Film Festival

Opening night is still more than two months away, but I’m already getting press releases for this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival. Here’s what I can tell you: The Festival will open April 24 with The Last Mistress, “the latest film from acclaimed director Catherine Breillat.” I tried to watch one of her films, … Continue reading Early Warnings: San Francisco International Film Festival

Non-Western Westerns Coming to SFMOMA

We think of westerns as a…as the…American genre. They’re our national myth; our way of defining ourselves as a people. But just as Hollywood has made medieval romances and tales from the Arabian Nights, other countries have made westerns. They’ve also let westerns influence their contemporary dramas and samurai films. March 1 through April 26, … Continue reading Non-Western Westerns Coming to SFMOMA