Gumby Dharma

Gumby Dharma will screen Thursday night at 7:00 at the Balboa. In addition to the movie, the evening will include live music and a panel discussion. Gumby--the green, animated, clay boy who has graced children’s television since 1956—is an acquired taste. I can’t honestly say that I acquired the taste; I must have seen some … Continue reading Gumby Dharma

No Newsletter This Week

Sorry, folks, but no newsletter this week. My mother died Sunday morning. Obviously, seeing what’s playing isn’t the top thing on my mind. (Yes, posts went up Monday and Wednesday, but they were already written and set to go live automatically.)

The Sun

D- Historical drama Written by Yuri Arabov Directed by Aleksandr Sokurov Few movie-going experiences are worse than a really bad film about a fascinating subject, and few subjects are as fascinating as Japan’s 1945 transition from imperial power to occupied country. And what a cast of characters! You’ve got a war criminal who thinks he’s … Continue reading The Sun

Kurosawa Diary, Part 14: Going Widescreen

I’ve now arrived at an important transition in Akira Kurosawa’s career. In my project of watching all (or all available) Kurosawa films in chronological order, I’ve completed his pre-widescreen work. Every film I’ve watched so far, from his first, Sanshiro Sugata, to his 17th, The Lower Depths, was shot in the old Academy Ratio of … Continue reading Kurosawa Diary, Part 14: Going Widescreen

The Return of Cerrito Classics

I’ve just received word that the Cerrito will revive its old Cerrito Classics series, now running the second Thursday night of each month. The series begins April 8 with Diva. Other films on the schedule include Chinatown, Born Yesterday, Jaws, To Catch a Thief, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rosemary’s Baby, The Red Shoes, and White Christmas.

Kurosawa Diary, Part 13: The Lower Depths

Akira Kurosawa turned two classic European stage plays into Japanese films in 1957. But while the first of these adaptations, Throne of Blood, is exciting, action-packed, and expressionistic, the second, The Lower Depths, is dialog-heavy and relentlessly realistic. I was also going to call it low-key, but I realized that wasn’t quite accurate. There’s a … Continue reading Kurosawa Diary, Part 13: The Lower Depths