The Sun

D- Historical drama Written by Yuri Arabov Directed by Aleksandr Sokurov Few movie-going experiences are worse than a really bad film about a fascinating subject, and few subjects are as fascinating as Japan’s 1945 transition from imperial power to occupied country. And what a cast of characters! You’ve got a war criminal who thinks he’s … Continue reading The Sun

Kurosawa Diary, Part 14: Going Widescreen

I’ve now arrived at an important transition in Akira Kurosawa’s career. In my project of watching all (or all available) Kurosawa films in chronological order, I’ve completed his pre-widescreen work. Every film I’ve watched so far, from his first, Sanshiro Sugata, to his 17th, The Lower Depths, was shot in the old Academy Ratio of … Continue reading Kurosawa Diary, Part 14: Going Widescreen

The General at the Paramount

I’ve seen The General countless times, in classrooms, museums, theaters, festivals, and home. I’ve rented it on VHS, and have owned it on Laserdisc, DVD, and Blu-ray. Yet Friday night at Oakland’s Paramount Theater, I had what is probably my greatest General experience. And it wasn’t even, officially speaking, a movie event. It was part … Continue reading The General at the Paramount

What’s Screening: March 19 – 25

The Asian American Film Festival plays through Sunday, and the Tiburon International Film Festival continue through the week. Creature Features Presents Horror Express, Balboa, Thursday, 7:00. Bay area film  buffs old enough to remember TV before the VCR have fond memories of KTVU (channel 2)’s late night series Creature Features. Each week, host Bob Wilkins--or … Continue reading What’s Screening: March 19 – 25