What’s Screening: June 21 – 27

No festivals open this week. But  DocFest continues through Sunday, while Frameline runs through the week and a bit beyond. I put my Frameline recommendations and warnings at the end of this newsletter. A A Hijacking, Elmwood, Embarcadero, Rafael, opens Friday. This isn’t your typical, fun, swashbuckling pirate movie. One truly harrowing thriller, A Hijacking … Continue reading What’s Screening: June 21 – 27

Hitchcock 9 Report, Part 1: Blackmail

Friday night Blackmail A beautiful young woman ditches her boyfriend (a Scotland Yard detective), flirts with another man, then kills him in self-defense. The next morning she's at the mercy of a blackmailer. Alfred Hitchcock's tenth feature and second thriller already shows touches of the master. Her night wanderings after the incident, her reaction to … Continue reading Hitchcock 9 Report, Part 1: Blackmail