I Am Legend

Sci-fi horror thriller Written by Mark Protosevich & Akiva Goldsman Based on the novel by Richard Matheson Directed by Francis Lawrence I wonder if the Warner Brothers executives who greenlit this movie knew what they were getting into. You okay a big budget end-of-the-human-race scifi adventure starring Will Smith (seems a safe bet), and you … Continue reading I Am Legend

He-Man Hur and Harold Lloyd: Recommendations and Warnings

Ben-Hur (1959), Castro, Saturday. The best of the many big, long religious epics Hollywood churned out when the wide screen was a selling point, Ben-Hur doesn't quite manage to be the masterpiece that many people remember. The story is heavy-handed, especially in the final hour when the Christianity is ladled on rather thick. But it's … Continue reading He-Man Hur and Harold Lloyd: Recommendations and Warnings

New Pacific Film Archive Schedule

I just received the Pacific Film Archive’s schedule for January and February. Some interesting stuff, and some disappointing things missing. But then, those are two short months for the PFA. The Archive closes every year for U.C.’s winter break, and by the time it reopens on January 11, the month is a third gone. February … Continue reading New Pacific Film Archive Schedule


Dramatic comedy Written by Diablo Cody Directed by Jason Reitman The last thing I expected before the year ended was a comedy about unintentional pregnancy that was more truthful, more insightful, and just plain funnier than Knocked Up. I found one. You could go to movies for years and not find anything as good as … Continue reading Juno