I Am Legend

Sci-fi horror thriller Written by Mark Protosevich & Akiva Goldsman Based on the novel by Richard Matheson Directed by Francis Lawrence I wonder if the Warner Brothers executives who greenlit this movie knew what they were getting into. You okay a big budget end-of-the-human-race scifi adventure starring Will Smith (seems a safe bet), and you … Continue reading I Am Legend

He-Man Hur and Harold Lloyd: Recommendations and Warnings

Ben-Hur (1959), Castro, Saturday. The best of the many big, long religious epics Hollywood churned out when the wide screen was a selling point, Ben-Hur doesn't quite manage to be the masterpiece that many people remember. The story is heavy-handed, especially in the final hour when the Christianity is ladled on rather thick. But it's … Continue reading He-Man Hur and Harold Lloyd: Recommendations and Warnings


Dramatic comedy Written by Diablo Cody Directed by Jason Reitman The last thing I expected before the year ended was a comedy about unintentional pregnancy that was more truthful, more insightful, and just plain funnier than Knocked Up. I found one. You could go to movies for years and not find anything as good as … Continue reading Juno