Oscar Report 1

I’ve paused the DVR about an hour into the Oscar presentation. A few quick observances:

  • Why do I watch the pre-show, which is about beautiful movie stars in designer gowns? I want one of the interviewers to ask a star “Who are you wearing?” and have her respond “I picked this up at Woolworth.”
  • I like Hugh Jackman, but he’s an odd choice. Traditionally, hosting goes to a comedian, not an actor.
  • He did well in the Billy Crystal-like one-man opening production number. Best moment was when he brought Anne Hathaway on stage to be Nixon to his Frost. For a moment, I really believed she was caught by surprise.
  • Best Screenplay is usually the first clue about who will win Best Picture, although it’s a complicated clue because there are two Best Screenplay Oscars. My first choice, Milk, won one. Every body else’s first choice, and my last, Slumdog Millionaire, won the other.
  • Loved Steve Martin and Tina Fey giving that award.
  • Slumdog also won Cinematography. Bad sign.

On with the show.