Lost World at SFIFF

This year’s San Francisco International Film opens April 23, and even though the official press conference is more than a month away, bits of information are trickling in.

Here’s one:

The 1925 version of The Lost World will screen May 5, with live accompaniment by the “genre-busting pop band” Dengue Fever.

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s science fiction novel of man and dinosaur, The Lost World as the first feature to extensively use stop-motion model animation to recreate the big reptiles. The effects were done by Willis O’Brien, who eight years later would create the most famous stop-motion character, King Kong. It’s been years since I’ve seen The Lost World, and while I can’t really call myself a fan, it’s a fun night on the big screen.

I’m not familiar with Cambodian/American band Dengue Fever, so I’ll just quote from the press release:

Dengue Fever’s repertoire isn’t simply Cambodian music or a Cambodian/American hybrid. Bollywood glitz, psychedelic rock, spaghetti Western twang, klezmer, ska, funk and Ethiopian jazz all contribute to the band’s unique sound.

Sounds entertaining.