Oscar Report 3

Technical problems kept me from live blogging throughout the Academy Awards, so let me hit the high and low spots:

Just my luck! When Best Picture finally goes to the low-budget, heavily subtitled movie that normally wouldn’t stand a chance, it’s a picture I don’t even like. Yes, Milk was more conventional, but it was also better made and considerably more plausible. Well, the best picture seldom wins Best Picture. I suppose I should be glad that a film of the sort that never wins actually won.

At least the right actors won the leading performance Oscars, even if Kate Winslet won for the second best performance she gave last year. And Sean Penn’s speech was the highlight of the show.

The other stab at controversy, Bill Maher’s crack about “silly gods” bombed as it should. It’s one thing to make a point, it’s another to make an unsupported insult at the vast majority of the human race.

But following Oscar tradition, the worst moments were the production numbers, especially the horrible, over-produced medley of songs from musicals led by host Hugh Jackman and Beyonce. Hey, guys, pick a song a stick to it! Why wasn’t I surprised that it came from  Baz Luhrman.