Good News on Universal Fire

You may remember my post from last month, Precious Prints Lost to Fire. Universal Studios lost almost its entire collection of archival 35mm prints in the fire that also damaged parts of the amusement park. While new prints could be struck from the unharmed negatives (stored in Philidelphia), economic realities suggested at that time that few such prints would be struck.

But according to Eddie Muller of The Film Noir Foundation, “a quickly paid insurance settlement will allow [Universal] to work virtually round-the-clock striking new prints of everything that was lost or damaged…The plan is to start with films that have upcoming screenings scheduled, so those bookings can be met. Eventually all the lost films will be resurrected in new prints.”

That’s great news all-around. Maybe some local revival house will do a series called “Saved from the Flames: New Prints from Universal.”