Coming in December

Here’s just a few of the movie revivals playing in the Bay Area next month. I’m skipping the Pacific Film Archive because I’ve already written about it.

Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

Ready for a marathon of all eight Star Wars movies, starting at 1:00am on Wednesday, December 13? The downside: No late entry allowed. You’ll have to sit through the entire prequel trilogy before you can see the original three movies – which will not actually be the original trilogy but the latest altered version.

Other revivals include:

  • Elf: Saturday, December 2-4, 11:00am. Alamo Drafthouse promises a lot of extras, including a snowball fight in the theater (?).
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight: December 4, 9:45
  • Home Alone: Wednesday, December 13. Yeah, it got seriously panned when it came out. But see it in a theater packed with six-year-old boys, and the laughter is contagious.

Star Wars Marathon


November’s schedule was disappointing. Not this one.

And guess what will dominate the last week of 2017. Just guess. Yep, you’re right: The Sing-a-Long Sound of Music.

The Kid

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Opera, dogs, and swordfights.

  • Die Nibelungen: Saturday, December 2. The first part of Fritz Lang’s massive 1924 German epic. Unfortunately, most Bay Area silent film fans will be across the bay at the Castro.
  • Carmen: Saturday, December 9. A real opera singer, Geraldine Farrar, performs one of her more popular titles, but in a silent film. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille.
  • Lighthouse by the Sea: Saturday, December 23. Another rousing adventure with cinema’s greatest dog star: Rin Tin Tin.
  • Scaramouche: Saturday, December 30. I was a big fan of Rafael Sabatini some years back. I’ve read the book. I’ve seen the 1950’s remake. I’d like to see the silent version.

Die Nibelungen


Some interesting digital restorations here.

  • No Maps on My Taps: Thursday, December 7 & Sunday, December 10. Two documentaries on tap dancing from the early 1980s. Digital restoration.
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc: four different screenings from December 14 through 28, and two choices for musical scores. A great film. Digital restoration.

The Passion of Joan of Arc


Quite a selection here.

  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula & Dementia 13: Saturday, December 2. Francis Coppola’s two horror films.
  • A Face in the Crowd: Thursday, December 7. A powerful and disturbingly relevant movie about an idiot in politics.
  • Dogtooth: Friday, December 8. Read my views on Giorgos Lanthimos’ disturbing satire. On a double bill with a lesser Lanthimos film, Alps.
  • Agitprop! 2: Saturday, December 9. This triple bill spotlights past films that were either highly political or made by highly political people. I’ve only seen one; Force of Evil, and liked that one very much.
  • Along For the Ride: A Tribute To Dennis Hopper: December 15 – 21. Seven films, one each night, that is somehow connected to the actor and sometimes director. Oddly, Easy Rider isn’t on the list.



The renovations are taking longer than expected (which, as any home owner knows, should be expected). No sign of when it will open and with what.