Women, Obsession, and other things: Upcoming at the PFA, Castro, and New Mission

A few juicy items coming up in August:

Almodóvar at the PFA

The Pacific Film Archive has already started the series Women’s Troubles: The Films of Pedro Almodóvar, and you’ve already missed Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
(unless you didn’t). But there’s plenty of other great movies in this series of pictures from Spain’s bad boy.

His most recent feature, Julieta, screens Saturday. It’s a lush, sexy, romantic tragedy with high emotions. You can read my full review; I gave it an A. Others that I’ve seen and liked include All About My Mother, and Talk to Her.


This isn’t a full retrospective of his work. Law and Desire, for instance, is about women’s troubles. And the extremely kinky Matador is so absurd that it’s hard to pin down.

Tales of the Obsessed at the New Mission

Have you ever been so fanatical about something that you lose all perspective? Of course not, but you’ve probably known others who have.

Throughout August, the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission will screen 11 films about people who have lost all sense of proportion. Among the films that I can recommend are The King of Comedy, Mulholland Dr., and To Die For.

The King of Comedy

Yes, there’s a webpage for the series, listing 24 films rather than the 11 scheduled. Click on any one of the other 13, and you’ll be told that “This show is not currently scheduled for this market.”

Too bad. Among the unscheduled films you’ll find Bottle Rocket, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and Harold and Maude
(read my appreciation). Maybe they’ll turn up in September.

The Castro in August

There are no real series or festivals at the Castro this month, but there are some good movies:

Lawrence of Arabia

The New Parkway, Also in August

Note: I added this section to the post Wednesday morning, some 15 hours after I posted the article.

The New Parkway also has some specials worth checking out:

And, of course, let’s not forget all those wonderful Warner Brothers movies at the Stanford.