Movies I’ve Recently Seen: The Last of FilmStruck

Here are the last films I watched on FilmStruck - all movies I'd either never seen before or hadn't seen in years. I'm listing them, not by quality, but in the order I saw them. A- Walkabout (1971), Tuesday afternoon Nicolas Roeg takes us to Australia and the edge between civilization and the wild. As with … Continue reading Movies I’ve Recently Seen: The Last of FilmStruck

What’s Screening: November 23 – 29

Gracing Bay Area screens this week: Scheming politicians, idealistic politicians, black superheroes, trouble on the road, nightmares of fascism, and a horrific film festival (that's horrific in a good way). Festivals Another Hole in the Head Film Festival opens Wednesday and will continue to frighten you for a couple of weeks. Read my preview. Preview … Continue reading What’s Screening: November 23 – 29