What’s Streaming: April 10 – 16

I’m still figuring out this streaming-based newsletter. But everything seems entirely different than it used to be.

Alteration by Lincoln Spector

Helping a theater

The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is more than just a movie theater with a museum attached. It’s also an archive, protecting rare prints. But with the theater and museum closed, no money is coming in for this important work. If you have a few extra dollars, please donate.

Special online events

Stay at Home Movie Night: The Host (2006), Saturday, 7:00, Balboa or Vogue

A barely-functional family fights an uncaring government and a giant mutant predator, and it’s hard to say which is the scarier threat. I didn’t find this quite the masterpiece others saw–the political points are obvious, the third act gets confusing, and the big finale fails to satisfy. But director/co-writer Joon-ho Bong (who since made The Parasite) succeeds where it counts: He makes you care about the characters and scares you out of your seat. I give the film a B+. Visit the website for the promo code and the chat room.

Bedlam (2019), Tuesday, 4:30, Rafael

Free streaming! I know nothing about this documentary except for what’s on the website: “Haunted by the death of a mentally ill sister, psychiatrist Ken Rosenberg takes on the role of filmmaker to examine our national mental health crisis, through intimate stories of patients, families, and medical providers.” Followed by a virtual conversation with the producer and mental health experts.

Streaming for theaters: New & Reviewed

C+ Slay the Dragon (2020), helping the Rafael or Roxie

We all know that gerrymandering is a threat to our democracy. Filmmakers Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance want us to understand how we can end this problem. But their documentary is sometimes scattered, unfocused, and conventional. It’s also occasionally boring. The best moments involve animated maps and cartoons. Here you can really see what the state legislatures are doing. Read my full review.

Streaming for theaters: Continuing Engagements

Streaming for theaters: Films I haven’t seen