SFIFF: At Ellen’s Age

I took yesterday off the festival, but made it here today (Wednesday). I had other business in San Francisco, so it was a good excuse.

Unfortunately, at least with my first movie of the day, it wasn’t a good experience.

C- At Ellen’s Age. Flight attendant Ellen arrives home to her boyfriend, who’s strangely distant. He got another girl pregnant.Then Ellen does something stupid and loses her job, and everything goes weird from there. The story meanders, and occasionally just changes without explanation. That can work if done with wit, good characters, and a point of view. In fact, it could happen with any of these. But there’s little evidence of such virtues here.

For what it’s worth, Ellen spends much of the movie with a bunch of PETA-like animal rights activists. I can’t honestly tell you how the filmmakers thought of these people. But I did learn something: In Germany, even the vegans smoke.