SFIFF: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Two years ago, the San Francisco International Film Festival screened the animated film Battle For Terra. Although the film was made in 3D, and screened for press that way, it was shown flat at the festival.

A lot has changed in two years. To my knowledge, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is the first feature screened in 3D at the SFIFF.

A- Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Only Werner Herzog would ask a scientist about his dreams. But that’s precisely why Herzog was the perfect choice to make this documentary about very ancient cave paintings—amongst the earliest works of art in existence, and works that show significant talent. Herzog’s movie goes beyond the conventional archeology documentary (although it is certainly that). The filmmaker’s unique narrative voice, the eerie beauty of the caves themselves, and the haunting score by Ernst Reijseger combine to turn Cave into an homage to what makes human beings so different from other animals: the artistic, creative spark. And yes, the 3D is justified.


It’s screening again tonight (Tuesday), at the Kabuki, at 9:30.