Changes at the Roxie

The Roxie is undergoing more organizational changes. The biggest change: They'll be mixing more live theater with films. On weekends, you'll get a half hour of live entertainment before the movie. I don't have time to really evaluate the announcement, so I'll just do something horribly unprofessional. I'll just pass on their press release, unedited: … Continue reading Changes at the Roxie

Youtube 1911

I'm sure this is an April Fool's bit, and I suspect it will go away very soon. So check it out now. Go to Youtube and click on any video. In the lower-right corner, where you would usually see an HD button, there's a sepia label reading 1911. Press it for a return to older … Continue reading Youtube 1911

What’s Screening: April 1 – 7

With San Francisco's big film festival only three weeks away, the--um--provinces are racing to get their festivals in first. The Sonoma Film Festival opens Wednesday. Then the Oakland and Tiburon International Film Festivals both open on Thursday. Back in the City, the San Francisco International Women's Film Festival also opens Wednesday. D Potiche, Clay, Shattuck, … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 1 – 7