Free Tickets at the New Parkway (if you have the right job)

I should have written about this a month ago. My apologies, but I’ve been busy.

Oakland’s New Parkway is giving out free movie tickets based on the recipients’ professions. In September (or what’s left of it), people who work in the nonprofit sector get in free. Come October, media workers such as myself get the same treatment. In November, its teachers’ turn.

Here’s the list of who gets free tickets when:

  • September 2018: Nonprofit (any employees of a 501(c)(3) organization)
  • October 2018: Media
  • November 2018: Education
  • December 2018: Health Care
  • January 2019: Arts
  • February 2019: Legal
  • March 2019: Hospitality
  • April 2019: Tech
  • May 2019: Public Servants
  • June 2019: Trades
  • July 2019: Banking and Finance
  • August 2019: Military
  • September 2019: Retail

I wonder if my wife, a musician and music teacher, qualifies for both November (Education) and January (Arts).

Of course, there are limitations. Here’s the theater’s “Fine Print:”

  • Only one free ticket per day
  • Free tickets are only available within 30 minutes of the showtime; not valid for online pre-sales or for sold-out shows.
  • Free tickets are only valid for movies which are $10 or less
  • Free tickets are not valid for any Saturday screenings after 5pm
  • Your email address will be collected when you get your ticket, and you’ll be added to the New Parkway’s email list (you may unsubscribe at any time).

Obviously, the whole point is to get more people in the habit of visiting this particular theater.

You can find the New Parkway – a warehouse converted into a duplex theater – in the heart of downtown Oakland, on 24th St. between Broadway and Telegraph. It’s a short walk from the 19th St. BART station.

The theater plays second runs of major movies (just before they go to video), first runs of rare films, a smattering of popular classics, TV shows as they’re broadcast, and special events – many of them of a political nature.

The picture and sound (all digital) are far from topnotch, but viewable. The main auditorium has couches and comfy living room chairs instead of theater seats. They sell beer and wine, excellent popcorn, and real food.

2 thoughts on “Free Tickets at the New Parkway (if you have the right job)

  1. What a nice program, to reward people for the work they do!! I have not been to the New Parkway but have very fond memories of the former Parkway Theater in Oakland … I am so glad it has come back in this new incarnation. Lea

  2. Love this place! I might add that they project high profile sports events, such as the recent Warriors’ games. I haven’t been, but I’m told they’re a blast. I expect they’ll do it again, with the A’s in the playoffs. For that, I’ll show up!
    Re, the “free tickets”- or, “ticket”, rather: I think I probably qualify for “Health Care”, but I could probably squeak into “Teacher”, as well, depending on how narrowly they define the groups. Somehow, I doubt they’re going to be very literal about it.
    Have to look into it, and thanks.

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