Mill Valley Film Festival Preview, Part 4: Human Flow

Tuesday’s Festival Preview was supposed to be my last piece on the Mill Valley Film Festival before opening night. But I attended a press screening Wednesday for a film that I didn’t realize was in the Festival.

It is screening in the Festival. So here’s one more capsule review:

Human Flow

The world we live in is flooded with refugees – the most since World War II. In this haunting documentary, filmmaker Ai Weiwei introduces you to a cross section of these millions of people without a country. He shows the squalor they’re forced to live it, along with their fear and frustration. But he also shows them joking and laughing and playing with their children. Weiwei has something important to tell us about human life and human dignity, and how societies can crush both. But most importantly, it’s about how we can, and must, save lives and restore dignity.

If you miss this exceptional film at the Festival, don’t despair. It will open in Bay Area theaters October 20.