What’s Screening: March 18 – 24

We’ve got two film festivals this week, both closing Sunday. Also, chances to wallow in James Bond, Muppets, and 35mm exploitation.


CAAMfest continues through Sunday.

The small and relatively young Albany Film Festival is the only festsival that I can easily walk to (and, as luck would have it, I can’t make it). It contains no features; just collections of shorts. There’s a Kids’ Matinee Saturday, and six programs running all day Sunday.

Promising events

AGFA Cinemapocalypse, New Mission, Sunday, 1:00

The American Genre Film Archive (no, it’s not the film lab) will present a day’s worth of exploitation movies, all presented in 35mm, “From animated hallucinatory childhood trauma to cinema vérité erotica, from bloodthirsty shoestring hicksploitation to extraterrestrial goreblasts…”

The Muppet Movie Sing-a-Long, Victoria Theatre, Saturday, 2:00

It’s exactly what the name implies, and although it’s been decades since I’ve seen the original Muppet Movie, and I’ve never sung along with it, it’s just got to be more fun than the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music.

Recommended revivals

Sean Connery Celebration, Castro, Friday through Monday (skipping Sunday)

The Castro continues the James Bond-heavy series of Sean Connery movies that started last night (Thursday). They’re screening all of his Bond films except Never Say Never Again, along with The Hill and John Huston’s The Man Who Would be King. If my memory serves, that’s easily the best of the films.

A 12 Angry Men, Balboa, Tuesday, 7:30

Sidney Lumet made a great one-set movie in his very first leap from the small to the big screen. The 12 men of the title comprise the jury in a just-completed first-degree murder trial; a guilty verdict would mean execution. Most of them just want to condemn the kid and get on with their lives, but one juror (Henry Fonda) insists on taking his responsibilities seriously. This is basic 1950’s liberalism–the system is rigged against the downtrodden, but a few good citizens can right society’s wrongs. Read my Blu-ray review.

B+ The Ten Commandments, various CineMark Theaters, Sunday and Wednesday

Someone at CineMark made a scheduling mistake. You’re supposed to screen this corny, pompous, but utterly entertaining epic during or just before Passover, not during and just before Purim. Corny dialog makes this a great unintentional comedy, but it’s also a rich, generous, and visually lovely motion picture. At times, it even succeeds in its simplistic spirituality. Read my Blu-ray review.

Lebowskies (frequently-revived classics)