Upcoming Film Festivals

The end-of-the-year film festival drought is coming to an end. New festivals are on the way. Here’s two that we can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Noir City, January 16 – 25

Film noir festivals have become a dime a dozen, but Eddie Mueller’s two-week wallow in the dark side of escapist cinema always stands out. Mueller has a way of finding the best noirs, both famous and unknown, and presenting them with flair.

This year’s festival will concentrate on "how the bonds of matrimony affect an array of characters—those who crave a perfect and permanent union, those who’ll stop at nothing to preserve it, and those who will do anything to escape it." I guess armed robbery, deceit, and murder can get in the way of a happy marriage. On the other hand, they can give a loving couple something to do together.

Noir City will screen an appropriate 13 programs; all of them double or triple bills. I’ve seen only three of the 27 movies, but I’m looking forward to making an acquaintance with more of them.

SF Sketchfest, January 22 – February 8

For years now, I’ve debated with myself about whether I should list San Francisco’s big comedy festival. After all, it’s primarily about standup, not movies. But it includes film events, and some of their non-film events happen in theaters I cover, so I figured I’d list them this year.

Films to be screened include But I’m A Cheerleader, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, Groundhog Day, and a Princess Bride quote-along.Mystery Science Theater fans will likely enjoy Shouting at the Screen with Wyatt Cenac and Donwill and RiffTrax Night of the Shorts 5: A Good Day to Riff Hard.

Also coming up

Other upcoming festivals include Berlin & Beyond, IndieFest, and the Mostly British Film Festival. I’ll have more information on those soon.