The Bay Area needs another film festival like it needs…

Like a herd of zombies hungry for human flesh, the 10th Annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival will take over the Balboa on November 29 and not let go until December 5. Then it will move to the New People Cinema, where it will continue to devour brains until the 19th.

We think of film festivals as events that celebrate the most serious, artistic, and high-minded aspects of the cinematic arts–a place where we may find the next Bergman. But Hole in the Head is an entirely different beast, and I use that word intentionally.  For three weeks, it will exhibit the best (or in some cases, arguably the worst) in new independent horror, sci-fi and fantasy films.

With a few classics get shown, as well. The festival will screen Jaws–a great film in my opinion–and Kubrick’s  The Shining. They’re showing both in 35mm, and making a big deal about it. Actually, they’ve got two Shining events, the other being The Shining Forwards and Backwards, which apparently is exactly what the name implies.

You haven’t heard of most of the films to be screened. At least I haven’t. Starting with the opening night picture, All Cheerleaders Die, the titles are, in nothing else, evocative. They include Bath Salt Zombies, Cannon Fodder, Lola Rock’n’Rolla’s Lez-ploitation, The Cohasset Snuff Film, Midnight Snack, Septic Man, Cannibal Diner, Slew Hampshire, So, Now I’m a ZombieThe G-String Horror Demon Cut, The Town That Christmas Forgot, and the title that probably promises more than it delivers, Pinup Dolls on Ice.

And just to reassure you that the festival is family friendly, there will be a matinee of Saturday Morning Cartoons; children admitted free.