Comic Perfection: My Blu-ray Review of City Lights

A great comedy seamlessly mixes a good story, an intelligent observation on the human condition, and a lot of laughs. Everything works together, and only on the third or fourth viewing do you become aware of how the filmmakers balanced all these ingredients, so that the gags and the emotional reality compliment each other instead … Continue reading Comic Perfection: My Blu-ray Review of City Lights

What’s Screening: November 15 – 21

In festival news, New Italian Cinema continues through Sunday, and the  Chinese American Film Festival keeps going until Tuesday. The United Film Festival opens today and runs through Sunday. After a few day's hiatus, 3rd i's South Asian Film Festival returns for one more day on Saturday. B- Persistence of Vision, Rafael, Thursday, 7:00. Filmmaker … Continue reading What’s Screening: November 15 – 21