SFIFF Report: Robot & Frank

Got off to a bad start with my first movie of the festival: Robot and Frank. They didn’t let people into the theater until 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. Then they rushed us in and started the film quickly.

As far as the movie was concerned

C+ Robot & Frank, This moderately entertaining comedy, set in an easily-recognizable near future, stars Frank Langella as an aging cat burglar robot_and_franksinking into dementia. His worried son brings him a servant robot to care for him. Dad is, of course, unhappy about this. That he will grow to like the robot is obvious; it’s a movie. The twist is what makes Frank like his robot:  the realization that the robot has no scruples about stealing if he does it for his owner. It’s entertaining, and reasonably (but not exceptionally) funny. Both Frank and the audience tend to anthropomorphize the robot, which is to be expected. But it’s nice that the robot occasionally reminds Frank that, although he sometimes appears to have emotions, he really doesn’t have any. Inconsequential and forgettable.

The director was available for Q&A after the movie, but I didn’t stay for it.

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