17 Girls

Note: Last September, I screened and reviewed this French film prior to its upcoming Bay Area threatrical release. That release never happened, and my review remained unpublished. I just discovered that the film is  available streaming on Netflix, so I'm posting my review. B+ Adolescent drama Written and directed by Delphine & Muriel Coulin 17 … Continue reading 17 Girls

SFIFF Report: The Fourth Dimension

I hit the jackpot for my second and last movie on Friday. First, they were giving out free popcorn and free beer. But the beer was only allowed in the balcony (this was in the  Kabuki's big Theater 1). I don't like watching movies from the balcony, so I skipped the beer. I also hit … Continue reading SFIFF Report: The Fourth Dimension

SFIFF Report: Robot & Frank

Got off to a bad start with my first movie of the festival: Robot and Frank. They didn't let people into the theater until 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. Then they rushed us in and started the film quickly. As far as the movie was concerned C+ Robot & Frank, This … Continue reading SFIFF Report: Robot & Frank