The Oscars

Hey, didn’t I predict last week that Cameron would lose to Bigelow? Really, the give-away was that Avatar wasn’t even nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Just as the Best Picture winner usually takes Best Director, it also generally gets one of the two screenwriting awards.

Although my favorite nominee was actually Precious, I’m delighted that Hurt Locker won. I liked Avatar quite a bit, but I loved Hurt Locker (just not as much as Precious).

A few comments on the awards and the show:

  • It’s a real shame that they moved the life achievement awards to a separate dinner party, and showed only a few seconds of clips on the show. I would have loved to see full-scale tributes to Gordon Willis and Roger Corman–especially Corman. True, he made no great films and a lot of lousy ones, but has any other living producer helped launch so many important careers—including James Cameron and Sandra Bullock.
  • Steve Martin and Alec Baldwn—what a great team! Every time they walked on stage they were hilarious.
  • I wish the Academy would go back to showing a single scene from each Best Picture nominee, rather than a montage. What they show now feels like a trailer.
  • I don’t understand Avatar’s Best Cinematography award. Most of the movie was CGI, and thus, not photographed. The parts that were photographed looked horrible.
  • I loved Sandy Powell’s speech when she accepted the Costume Design award for The Young Victoria. She pointed out that period films always win, but it’s just as hard to design costumes for a contemporary movie, buy no one appreciates the work.
  • What’s this from Sandra Bullock about Meryl Streep being her lover?
  • When a woman finally wins the Best Director Oscar, it’s for a war movie with an all-male cast. Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote an excellent commentary on this for Salon.

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