What’s Screening: April 16 – 22

The Sonoma International Film Festival continues through Sunday, and the San Francisco International Film Festival opens Thursday. And we’ve got an earthquake to commemorate. A- The Palm Beach Story, Stanford, Saturday through Tuesday. No one wrote and directed screwball comedies as well as Preston Sturges, and if this one doesn’t quite come up to the brilliant … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 16 – 22

Kurosawa Diary, Part 13: The Lower Depths

Akira Kurosawa turned two classic European stage plays into Japanese films in 1957. But while the first of these adaptations, Throne of Blood, is exciting, action-packed, and expressionistic, the second, The Lower Depths, is dialog-heavy and relentlessly realistic. I was also going to call it low-key, but I realized that wasn’t quite accurate. There’s a … Continue reading Kurosawa Diary, Part 13: The Lower Depths

The Oscars

Hey, didn’t I predict last week that Cameron would lose to Bigelow? Really, the give-away was that Avatar wasn’t even nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Just as the Best Picture winner usually takes Best Director, it also generally gets one of the two screenwriting awards. Although my favorite nominee was actually Precious, I’m delighted that … Continue reading The Oscars