The Cerrito is Gone, but Thrillville Lives On

The Cerrito is gone (hopefully temporarily), and so is Speakeasy Theaters (definitely permanently), But Thrilleville lives on…at least for a bit.

Will Viharo, who booked the two Speakeasy theaters and ran Thrillville there, as found a home for the next scheduled event. On June 18, at 7:30, thrill seekers will convene at the Camera 3 theater in San Jose. The feature: That great, sensitive, artistic masterpiece from 1964, Horror of Party Beach. Entertainment also includes 45 minutes of rare Bob Wilkins footage and San Jose surf band Aardvark.

In addition, some unnamed folk who Viharo is working with are negotiating to take over and reopen the Parkway, and maybe the Cerrito, as well.

Keep your fingers crossed.

One thought on “The Cerrito is Gone, but Thrillville Lives On

  1. This whole Parkside/Cerrito thing stinks. I don’t think we really know what has been going on there. First one closing (with little notice…) then another… Vaharo being fired by his “good friends…” The “Save the Parkway” Facebook page hints at some internal scandal. It just stinks. As a long-time patron of both theatres, I’ll truly miss the opportunity to continue my jaunts to some eclectic theatres, audiences, and films. I just wish we knew the whole story…

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