Parkway Closing

The word went out this morning: Sunday is the last day for the Parkway Speakeasy Theater.

This is very sudden. Last night I worked on next week’s newsletter, and looked through the Parkway schedule for upcoming special events. There were several. This morning, I read they won’t be happening.

Founded 12 years ago, the Parkway was something special–fun, quirky, and different. At least in the Bay Area, it was the first of its kind: a theater with couches, beer, wine, and good food, with a combination of current movies and classics.

"Don’t ask me why this is happening because, honestly, I just don’t know," writes Speakeasy Theaters Programmer and Publicist Will Viharo in his Thrillville newsletter. "It’s a sign of the times, but so much more than that."

The spirit of the Parkway will live on in Speakeasy’s other theater, the Cerrito.