Taking Less Time

I started Bayflicks.net almost three years ago when my business was in a slump. Now business is doing pretty well. That’s good, but it’s giving me less time to maintain this site. Since I can’t afford to turn down paying work, Bayflicks has been eating into my recreational time. In other words, it’s keeping me from seeing movies. And what’s the point of that?

Rather than give up Bayflicks, I’m looking for ways to streamline the work. To that end, I’m phasing out posting the times for every movie listed in my weekly schedules. If it’s convenient to do so, I’ll list the times. Otherwise, I won’t. If you see a movie listed here that you want to see, you’ll have to go to the theater’s web site to get the times. Expect to see the changes in the schedule for the week of September 30.

And I won’t list every film for as many festivals. I’m listing all of the films for DocFest, because I set them up before making this decision. But I won’t be listing the program for Berkeley Video & Film Festival like I did last year. I haven’t yet decided for the Mill Valley Film Festival.