Interesting Events–Not In Mill Valley

Some interesting events coming up, none connected to the Mill Valley Film Festival.

First, in honor of its 90th birthday, Oakland’s Piedmont Theater will celebrate its 90th birthday with a week of classic cinema. The movies include Lawrence of Arabia, Safety Last, His Girl Friday, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. All films will be in 35mm. The celebration runs from Friday, September 28 through Thursday, October 4.

As soon as that’s over, the Berkeley Video & Film Festival opens its annual three-day run, this time at the California (which, like the Piedmont, is a Landmark Theater). BVFF has a very unique ticketing structure. You don’t buy a ticket for a single feature or collection of shorts, but for an entire day’s marathon screening. For instance, if you shell out $11 for a Saturday ticket, you could start out at 1:00 with the three-minute “Rufus’ Adventure” and stay through the 88-minute Johnny Was, which won’t start until 9:40. According to the schedule, there will be only one 13-minute intermission.

I’ve yet to attend this event, although last year I was able to screen a couple of films beforehand.

Finally, there’s the 2007 edition of the Found Footage Festival. This touring show puts together live comedy and videos found at garage sales, thrift stores, dumpsters and other such unlikely places. According to the press release, this year’s show includes “exercise videos featuring Marky Mark Wahlberg, O.J. Simpson and a group of rapping pregnant ladies” and “An instructional video for a cosmetic device so frightening that it will forever haunt you.” It will play the Red Vic October 5 and 6, and the Parkway October 7.