Destroyer: Nicole Kidman as one tough dame

Note: I updated this article on January 9.

Sorry, but I have been asked to take down this review. When I viewed Destroyer in a press screening months ago, I was told that the film would open on Christmas day. So I set up my review to go live on December 20.

I’ve just discovered Weeks later, I was told that the Bay Area opening has been postponed until January 18. Then I was told that the date was set forward to January 11. My review, unchanged, will go up two days before that date January 10.

But, I can give you the capsule review I posted for my coverage of the Mill Valley Film Festival:

Crime and grime penetrate the city in this very dark noir. Nicole Kidman (in a brilliant performance) plays Officer Bell, the hard-drinking, tough, unreliable police detective at the edge of her capabilities. Tired, weary, and constantly angry, she has seen every bad thing possible, and many of them were her fault. Her eyes sometimes look like the walking dead. Atmosphere and character help support the impenetrable plot…until that plot suddenly becomes clear in the last few minutes.

I give the film a B+.