The Nitrate Picture Show Program Announced

Like Telleride, The Nitrate Picture Show – the film festival that brought me to Rochester, NY – keeps its schedule secret until the opening morning. I now have that schedule. Here are the films we’ll all be seeing:


  • 4:30: Nitrate Shorts
  • 7:30: Summer Interlude, a little-remembered Ingmar Bergman film from 1951.
  • 10:00: Holiday, a classic comedy with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, directed by George Cukor. I haven’t seen it in ages.


  • 9:30AM: The Razor’s Edge, the 1946 version
  • 1:30: Mist over the Moors, a Czechoslavakian film from 1943
  • 4:00: Winchester ’73, a very gritty western by Anthony Mann, that helped change James Steward’s image.
  • 7:00: The Red Shoes, a wonderful film and arguably the best use of three-strip Technicolor.


  • 10:00AM: Cry of the City, from 1948. Directed by Robert Siodmak
  • 1:30: Moscow Laughs, A Soviet musical from 1934
  • 3:30: Blind Date with  Nitrate, they’re still not announcing this one

In addition to the movies, there are lectures and technical presentation. Speaking of which:

I spent much of last evening, in my hotel room, writing an article about the incredible tour I had of the George Eastman Museum’s nitrate vault. Then I hit a technical snag. I took my Android tablet rather than my Windows laptop. It seems impossible to add photos to a WordPress blog in Android. And this article really depends on photos.

I’ll post that article when I get home, which will be in about a week.