June Film Festivals

I don’t have to tell you about the San Francisco Silent Film Festival; I already have. But here are two other festivals coming up next month.

SF DocFest (June 2-16)

If you prefer your cinema without fiction, this is the festival for you. Here you’ll find documentaries about East LA, LSD, two-dollar bills, Internet sex workers, and, of course, music. I haven’t seen anything in this festival, so I have no opinions.

DocFest opens with a surfing documentary called It Ain’t Pretty. Don’t expect Frankie and Annette, or even bikinis. These are Northern California surfers, which means that they wear wetsuits. And they’re all women.

It Ain’t Pretty

The closing-night show, Silicon Cowboys, is about a piece of tech history that only old-timers like me remember: the fall of the once important Compaq Computers.

Frameline (June 16 -26)

Now in its 40th year, the world’s oldest LGBTQ film festival is not about a particular type of film, such as a documentary (although it certainly has plenty of them). It’s about a particular type of person—the sort who tends to throw North Carolina into a hissy fit.

Again, I haven’t seen anything in the festival. But here are some that intrigue me enough to make me want to catch them:

The Intervention: This American relationship comedy involves a group of friends trying to convince an unhappily married couple to divorce. But some of the interventionists need their own interventions.

Summertime: Politics and love intertwine in this French romance set in the 1970s. A closeted farm girl goes to Paris and falls in love with a feminist.


The Freedom to Marry: A documentary that we all know has a happy ending.

Being 17: Another French film, about two very different teenage boys forced to live under the same roof. Thing’s get complicated.