Manchurian Candidate Criterion

Evil Chinese, worse Americans, innocent bystanders, brainwashing, assassination, and party politics collide in this surprisingly timely cold-war thriller from 1962. While the suspense grows, the story attacks both Communism and McCarthyism (a recent memory with lingering effects in the early 60s). it also contains the most evil mother in the history of movies. I reviewed … Continue reading Manchurian Candidate Criterion

The Wave loses power in last act

B Disaster triller Written by John Kåre Raake and Harald Rosenløw Eeg Directed by Roar Uthaug Scandinavia created more than just democratic socialism. In recent years, it's also created some exceptional thrillers--Headhunters being the best of them. Norway's latest heart stopper almost reaches that level of frightening entertainment, but then it sags in the final stretch. … Continue reading The Wave loses power in last act