Cerrito Classics going on hiatus

The Cerrito theater is halting its monthly Classics series until September. Why? Here’s the official explanation:

Cerrito Classics are shown by the Friends of the Cerrito Theater, under the auspices of Rialto Cinemas, which operates the Cerrito. Rialto operates as a first-run theater, with special showings of filmed productions of London plays, as well as films about famous artists.

Rialto has contracts with major studios, which are able to enforce the number of showings for their current movies. While the plays and art films are exempt from these studio rules, additional programs such as Cerrito Classics are not.

With the summer 2015 blockbuster season approaching, some of the studios are enforcing their contracts, and demanding that they be able to have the maximum number of showings of their new movies. Thus the cancellation of Cerrito Classics for May through August 2015.

Rialto made this step reluctantly, as they have been great supporters of the Cerrito Classics, which are very popular with the community. The Classic for this month, for example, “A Shadow of a Doubt,” played to a sold-out house.

What makes this particularly curious is that, as far as I know, a lot of other first-run theaters are continuing their weekly classics series. This includes the Alameda and the very big CineMark chain, which now shows a classic every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Of course, you can always check here at Bayflicks to see what classics are screening theatrically in the Bay Area.